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Viendo tentimonios de la certificación:

I loved the course and the way it was conducted. This course motivated me to delve even more into the concepts to understand them and put them into practice.
Ivonne Astrid Delgado Buenaventura
This course is a must! I recommend it for all leaders who want to delve into different leadership approaches, learn tools, and definitions that will help you navigate different work scenarios.
Gabriela Laura Anchipi , Adrogue
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Dieter Varas , Viña del Mar
Every opportunity that I am able to take a certification course with Martín, I always have a lot to work with, ideas to implement, and above all the desire to continue deepening my knowledge. I really liked the dynamics of group work and allies ❤. Thanks!!!
Carla Fabregas
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Flopy Bassani , CABA
Excellent course! I leave not only with a lot of knowledge and tools but also with the amazing shared experiences with the whole cohort despite being in different countries and working for companies. It was eye-opening to realize that we all face similar experiences on a daily basis. Thank you very much, Martín and the whole team.
Diana Maritza Naranjo Giraldo
Martín approaches teaching skillfully, it is entertaining and simple but incremental which makes it possible for you to incorporate concepts effortlessly. I highly recommend this experience.
Svetlana Lovcovs
This course was very complete. The information was interesting and added more to my toolbox. I recommend doing it to gain leadership and team tools.
Carolina Pérez
This course was a great experience, it was more than I expected, and learning from Martín Alaimo was incredible. It was very dynamic, with several teams and collaborative activities where I learned where I am in my leadership skills and how to improve them.
Margarita Perera Ruiz , México City
This course is very good! The concepts were clearly explained. Above all, I liked the dynamics and the exercises, where everyone was able to give their opinion and participants share their points of view, which made the experience extremely enriching.
Carlos Contreras Riquelme
Great course !!! You acquire new concepts that are the basis for transformation and keys to take your organization into the world of Agility.
Fernando Alayo Vásquez , Lima
Excellent learning experience! Especially the activities utilized to gain hands-on experience of what was taught, as well as the materials, the way content was presented, and how the facilitator handled everything. Definitely, an experiential method that truly cements skills.
Dahiana Mercedes Pichardo Peralta
Excellent course! It helped me identify the type of corporation teams must operate in to achieve results. Thanks!
Pablo Frindt