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Viendo tentimonios de la certificación:

This course helps you identify where your organization is in relation to agile methodologies. It also helps you understand what is the role we play as Product Owners and find areas to improve, implement and properly apply the Scrum framework. I learned a lot in two days and I was also able to meet and interact with the other participants. Thank you!
Luisa Carolina Ayala Izquierdo
It is an intense course. It makes you rethink a lot of learned practices. Completing the course is just a starting point. I take a lot of things to implement in my daily work, and this course made me want to continue to grow.
Nahuel Netsoff , Bahía Blanca
What a fantastic course! It blended both theoretical and practical cases, with interactions between teams, and the breaks and schedule were spot on. I have nothing to criticize about this course. I highly recommend it!
Diego Cardone , Cordoba
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Marcelo Fontan , Montevideo
Dynamic and practical. This course also gives you the opportunity to meet and share with others who have experience in different sectors. The methodology used makes the day fly by and it is very enriching with practical exercises. Thanks, Martin and team !!
Catalina Guerra Marin
It allowed me to identify aspects to improve, clarify ideas and strengthen what helps you do a good job. The course teaches you through empirical practice with simple but representative examples.
Natalia Elizabet Baeza , Centenario
I had was a continuous learning experience from start to finish. I can say that it was a workshop that promoted collective intelligence and hands-on exercises of the role of the Product Owner within the Scrum framework.
Jesús Chinchilla Rojas , San Rafael
The content covered all the information in order to perform the role of Product Owner. All the exercises helped in retaining all the new concepts! Exchanging experiences with other colleagues was really enriching.
Ornella Mattina
Martín explains very clearly, it is easy to see how well he handles many concepts. The class is well organized and follows a consistent flow that facilitates understanding. The organization of the course includes a lot of teamwork which helps in understanding and seeing different points of view and without a doubt, this adds a lot of value.
Nicolás Rivas Abud , Santiago
The CSPO course met all my expectations !!! I learned many things that I hope to be able to apply in my work. Excellent job Martín and his entire team !!
Diana Carolina Alarcón Beltrán
I loved being part of this course. It is very intense, you must be fully concentrated so as not to lose the thread. Above all, those of us who are not inserted in this world of agility and come here to learn. I recommend it 100%!
Karen Pavez Valenzuela , Santiago
The content and the exercises had a common thread that helped me understand clearly the importance of ROl and how to carry out what is required of the Product Owner.
Francisco Chinchay
It was a very complete introduction to the role and all the work done by the Product Owner. I loved the focus on practical activities that help you understand the concepts in an easy way.
Esteban Gerardo Cortés Sandoval
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José Augusto Chavez Taffur
Excellent use of Zoom. This virtual course was able to achieve a dynamic that was very close to an in-person course. It was a truly great experience.
michael scranton
The course was extremely comprehensive in terms of content and it was very interactive, which is a challenge considering the new online modality. I recommend it 100%!
Paula Correale
I managed to acquire new knowledge and demystify attitudes that I believed were ideal. The course had a very strong hands-on approach, which allows you to leave with established tools and concepts in a short period of time. I definitely recommend it!
Martin Andres Ramirez , Buenos Aires
Completely satisfied with the course. It covered the points I wanted and cleared the doubts I had. There are still more things to learn about agile frameworks, and this course opened Pandora's box. Still, I am happy to get certified and obtain the fundamentals based on Martin's extensive experience.
Vladimir Rodriguez Beltran , Lima
Very well adapted to the new virtual modality and constantly keeping the focus on practical tools and exercises. I take with me many new tools to use. Thanks!
Abigail Kelly
This course was an excellent opportunity to understand the vision of the PO and what its responsibilities are. In addition, we carried out a totally hands-on Product Discovery tour! Thanks!
Julio Cesar Allasia , Mar del Plata
Without a doubt, I take with me much more than a certification.
Javier Valenzuela Ortiz
The course was very practical and helped me obtain a comprehensive vision of the role of a Product Owner and the framework on which to develop a product.
Esteban Lopez
Thank you, Martín, for training us as Product Owners, making the online course so dynamic, and answering all our questions.
Angela Rodriguez , Santiago
Excellent course! It provides very useful concepts and tools for the role of Product Owner and how to achieve the highest performance in agile teams. The most remarkable issue was the paradigm shift in how to approach product improvements.
Claudia Andrea Ortega Domke
I believe we all left wanting to come back for much more. I leave with numerous concepts and tools to improve my role as PO and how to always add value to clients.
Abi Panella , Maipú
Excellent course! The information shared was explicit, easy to access, and understand! I recommend it a thousand times!
Beatriz Vargas Vargas , Santiago
This course was a great learning experience, with a lot of interesting concepts being put into practice. In my particular case, currently being PO was very valuable. I strongly recommend it!
Juan Pablo Braga Brum , Montevideo
I had an enriching experience. The truth is, it is the first time I have attended an agility course and I loved the way the course was conducted. All concepts were very well explained and I was able to absorb a great deal of knowledge. I thank Martín and his team of collaborators for facilitating the course through a digital platform and for being so attentive in dealing with all my questions. It was an unforgettable experience!
Sergio Velandia
Martin makes the concepts very clear with examples, and practical exercises. You can clarify all your doubts at the moment since Martin is a true expert.
Julio César Moncada Perozo , Santiago
It was a dynamic course that allowed me to explore concepts beyond theory and the responsibilities and challenges that as a product owner you can face.
Eduardo soto villanueva
I've had two incredible days of learning! All the concepts are extremely clear, Martin is an amazing trainer and an internationally recognized agility professional. I am hugely satisfied with the new knowledge acquired through hands-on exercises. Thanks!!!
Angelica Domenack , Lima
I had previously received training with other certifying entities but in this course, I was able to close knowledge gaps. It was such a dynamic course that despite taking two days of eight hours each, time flew by. I left the course wanting to learn even more.
Alberto Michel Pérez Domínguez , México
The course was both entertaining and informative. There is a good mix between theory and activities. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to take an online course, but this course made me change my perspective on online courses. Great job!
Ricardo Daniel Buceta , Capital Federal