OKRs and Strategic Alignment (OKR)

OKRs and Strategic Alignment (OKR)

How to transform your management model and elevate your organization's strategy through the implementation of OKRs.

A workshop designed for those working in changing environments and wishing to enhance their intervention tools to evolve organizational culture. We will guide you through principles y aplicaciones prácticas de OKR con las herramientas necesarias para optimizar tu enfoque operativo y alcanzar objetivos.

Designed and taught by Celeste Alasino, a change agent with over 13 years dedicated to the design and implementation of organizational solutions around value, accompanying organizations in Argentina such as Naranja X, Telecom, BBC, Konecta, among others, in their transformation processes.

August 12 - September 3

Monday & Tuesday
7:00 pm Miami
8 Meetings
in Spanish

USD 597
USD 497*

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You will learn what we mean by OKR, how it has evolved over time from the MBO model, the issues it addresses within organizations, and the real benefits of its implementation. You will understand each part of the system, from new terms to the logic of how each part of this system is connected. You will easily understand how OKRs and KPIs complement and enhance each other. Finally, we will understand the conversational cycle of the model and the new order to create a bridge between strategy and execution.

We will explain the difference in form and substance of objectives within the OKR framework, and we will start to build the first step of the bridge between strategy and execution with this artifact. Next, we will fully explore a key part of the OKR model: the Key Results. You will see the difference from traditional data forms used for decision-making, and you will be able to write results that measure the impact of user behaviors. Finally, to move to action, we will explore the dimension of initiatives, and the subtle features that will make your expression truly impactful on the KRs.

e will discuss how strategy is managed in traditional organizations, and the shift proposed by OKR. You will be able to lead and challenge the status quo with a practice that fits the era of distributed knowledge and intelligence, and maximizes delivery through an 'emergent and collaborative strategy'.

We will share the clever aspects of OKRs for aligning teams. We will challenge traditional, matrix, and startup structures with a conversational model that allows for aligning efforts towards what's truly important, beyond formal and hierarchical structures. We will discuss real cases about network hierarchies and the results obtained. We will practice on the management cycle and the 3 milestones manifested by 4 key events to carry forward a responsive organization.

Having understood the effective use of an OKR model, we will share experiences on how to integrate the model with other existing ones to make change organic within the organization. You will be able to identify which part of your organization applies an OKR model to avoid making OKRs a fashion by prioritizing the tool over the team and lead an effective implementation of the model.

In this module, we will tell you how OKR management challenges traditional performance management models, and how we have addressed such a paradigm shift. We will also go beyond OKRs as the acronym suggests, and link the CFR model (conversations, feedback, and performance) to challenge conversations in traditional organizations.

In this module, you will learn the detailed step-by-step process for implementing the OKR model:

  • You will identify the importance of having success agreements related to the model
  • You will be aware of how fertile the context is for adopting OKRs
  • You will choose the best implementation plan, according to the system conditions
  • You will understand key roles for giving vitality to the OKR system
  • You will design a work cycle adapted to your context
  • You will understand the importance of selecting a management tool, and choose the right time to deploy it
  • You will plan a first work cycle

What Will You Learn?

You will understand the true change behind the OKR model, and you will have tools to leverage the cultural evolution of your organization.

You will comprehend the impact of a change in an integrated management system, and you will have support points to enhance the adoption of OKRs.

You will learn about the implications and logical sequence for deploying a goal management system based on OKRs. We will show you real cases of implementation.

You will learn to write good objectives and key results with the guides we will present to you, thereby directing teams towards management based on experimentation and focused on the user.

You will master the key concepts to effectively manage the OKR framework and make the implementation a change designed in a systemic, organic, and transparent way, and that is sustainable over time in your organization.

The Management that Makes Your Management a Competitive Advantage

You've probably already heard of OKRs, or are starting to implement them and are aware of the benefits this model brings, but you might be wondering: How is an end-to-end implementation carried out? What practical considerations should I keep in mind to make the model perform? What are those key points I must not neglect during its implementation? How is OKR sustained over time and in the daily routine of the teams?

Facing the challenge of implementing OKRs goes beyond understanding its concepts; it involves capturing the essence. Thanks to the practices we propose in this workshop, you will be able to understand and apply the tools that will allow you to remove the complexity from the implementation and successful adoption of this system.

As a framework that integrates strategy with operations, its implementation often becomes key. The systemic approach we propose allows for the organic integration of the model and ensures that the solution is not just a passing trend that loses relevance over time.

You will be able to discern where your organization needs OKRs, and where it should continue coexisting with other models that contribute to achieving its current results. In the gray areas of methodological combinations, we will move in this training, making this workshop a true experience, where your reality and that of other participants will be fundamental for a unique and unrepeatable blend.

Additional Bonuses

A checklist for writing your OKRs.

A step-by-step guide for implementation.

A checklist to understand the context of the organization and the fertility of the implementation.

A description of the key roles for sustaining the model.

A template to organize the work cycle.

A template for designing experiments.

A template to promote 360 feedback in your organization.

A tool for prioritizing and ordering initiatives.

A template for determining the health KPIs of your organization.

About the Instructors

Celeste Alasino

Enterprise Coach. Consultant in OKR and Strategic Agility.

You will train with a leading figure in OKR and organizational transformation who has been supporting companies from various industries (construction, public services, finance, telecoms, agriculture, e-learning, digital) and of different sizes (from 30 to 25,000 collaborators) for over 13 years, providing a methodological blend with tailored solutions, personalized experiences, and early impact.

Her systemic approach allows tackling each challenge by combining method, structure, processes, and culture.

She is an active member of agility interest communities and a trainer in training hubs, specializing in OKR.

Martin Alaimo

Consultant and trainer dedicated to Business Agility and Digital Product Creation.

You will be trained by an expert who supports companies and has assisted over 6,000 professionals in more than 20 years of agile product development.

Martin's approach is situational and practical, while his teaching style is immersive, offering novel experiences with the material that facilitate rapid learning.

He is a recognized author of 5 books on the benefits of Agility in digital innovation and has been a speaker at over 30 conferences in the United States and 14 countries in Latin America and Europe.

He is one of the few experts holding the industry's highest certifications in agile practices: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC), Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CAL Educator), and Path to CSP Educator.

What Other Benefits Will I Get from This Workshop?

You will promote an adaptive culture and be able to show the impact of initiatives in your organization.

You will learn concrete practices that enable teams to commit to the results.

You will gain insights to apply this framework organically in your organization.

You will have information based on real experiences to enroll and raise awareness among teams.


Great to share experiences, always at the forefront of continuous improvement and management.
Fernando Alayo Vásquez , Lima
OKRs and Strategic Alignment (OKR)
Very useful as an accelerator to clearly understand the framework for approaching OKRs.
Jorge Sanz Miguel , Madrid
OKRs and Strategic Alignment (OKR)
It's a very enlightening course on defining strategies in teams!
Patricia Denis
OKRs and Strategic Alignment (OKR)

August 12 - September 3

Monday & Tuesday
7:00 pm Miami
8 Meetings
in Spanish

USD 597
USD 497*

* Available for the next:

We've worked with organizations like...

Assist Card
Banco de Chile
Banco de Occidente
Swiss Medical
Banco Falabella


This course is designed for leaders and managers in changing environments and with high uncertainty who are considering adopting a results management model in their organization.

There are no prerequisites for taking the course. However, we recommend having at least some experience in accompanying more than one team in a collaborative scheme.
OKRs and Strategic Alignment (OKR)

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