Certified Digital Product Manager (DPM)

Certified Digital Product Manager (DPM)

Innovation meets strategy.

The comprehensive training program that prepares you to lead in the technology industry.

Sep 4 - Sep 26

Every Wenesday & Thursday
6:00 pm Miami
8 Meetings
in Spanish

USD 1247
USD 847*

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This module will cover validating new opportunities for strategic alignment with the company's overarching goals and ensuring these opportunities also align with users' needs. It will focus on differentiating between product strategy and goals, avoiding common pitfalls like misallocating resources or overlooking the brand's market stance, and understanding users deeply to ensure product strategies are beneficial to market demands.

This module is dedicated to validating the congruence of new opportunities within business needs and efficiently communicating the opportunities' value and their strategic alignment. Topics will include balancing user needs with business value, understanding the impact on revenue or business impact, avoiding common errors such as neglecting revenue metrics or failing to adapt to market and business changes, and mastering the art of communicating feature decisions.

This module focuses on the initial stages of product discovery, emphasizing the ideation of Desirable, Feasible, and Viable solutions. It covers techniques for brainstorming, prioritizing ideas, and identifying potential pitfalls in product concepts. The aim is to equip participants with the skills needed to generate innovative solutions that meet user needs and business objectives, while avoiding common errors such as prioritizing aesthetics over utility or overcommitting to technically complex solutions.

This module delves into designing, executing, and validating experiments to test product hypotheses, followed by effectively communicating outcomes and making informed product design decisions. It aims to develop competencies in empirical decision-making, stakeholder collaboration, and feedback integration. Participants will learn to avoid misinterpretations of data, wasteful investments in unvalidated assumptions, and ineffective communication, ensuring the product meets user expectations and organizational goals.

This module covers transforming validated opportunities and designs into clear, actionable plans and the importance of collaborating closely with product teams. It emphasizes creating roadmaps, user stories, and acceptance criteria that are deeply rooted in user needs and strategic insights, fostering a collective ownership among the development team.

The module focuses on efficiently managing product backlogs and partnering with the team to set up effective testing strategies. It addresses prioritizing features that resonate with business and user needs, ensuring features are tested against real-world scenarios, and maintaining product quality throughout its development lifecycle.

This module covers monitoring and analyzing product performance, gathering post-launch feedback, and integrating this feedback for iterative improvement. It focuses on understanding user behavior, leveraging multi-channel feedback, and addressing common errors like misreading KPIs and neglecting cross-functional insights.

This module delves into managing the feature lifecycle, engaging with user communities, and coordinating with marketing and sales teams for feature promotions. It emphasizes continuous product evolution, effective stakeholder communication, and avoiding pitfalls such as overlooking technological advancements and mismatched messaging.

What will you learn?

Develop a strategically aligned product: Develop the ability to clearly differentiate between a product's strategy and its goals, ensuring alignment with the company's vision while maintaining a strong market presence.

Communicate effectively: Develop the skills to communicate the value and strategic alignment of product opportunities to stakeholders clearly and persuasively.

Innovate through ideation: Learn to generate and prioritize innovative solutions that are desirable, feasible, and viable, meeting both user needs and business objectives.

Empower decision-making with data: Acquire the ability to design, execute, and interpret experiments to test product hypotheses, making informed decisions based on empirical evidence.

A step into de future

The Certified Digital Product Manager (DPM) program is designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the digital product management field. This comprehensive certification focuses on the critical areas of Product Direction, Discovery, Delivery, and Fine-Tuning, ensuring participants are well-versed in the entire product lifecycle. It addresses the evolving challenges of the post-agile era, emphasizing the importance of flexibility, user-centric design, and continuous improvement in today’s fast-paced technological landscape.

Participants will learn to strategically align product opportunities with business goals, innovate through user-centered design, and execute with agility to meet market demands. The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, providing tools and techniques for effective product management. By the end of the course, participants will be able to navigate the complexities of product development, from ideation to launch and beyond, ensuring products are not only viable in the current market but also adaptable to future changes.

Ideal for those looking to excel in the evolving digital industry, the program prepare professionals to lead product development with agility and foresight, ensuring products remain relevant in rapidly changing markets. This program is a gateway to advanced career opportunities, enhancing skills vital for creating impactful digital solutions that thrive in the future.

Seize the opportunity to become a visionary in digital product management, driving success in an era that demands adaptability and innovation.


A learning Path

16+ hours of blended learning (live sessions and asynchronous activities).

Educational Platform

A learning environment you can access for unlimited time

Program Recording

Long-term access to the course recordings.

DPM Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, you will gain access to the Digital Product Manager (DPM) high-standard certification exam at Disruption factory.


75% attendance in at least 75% of the online meetings.


16 Miles redeemable for discounts on other Alaimo Labs live programs.

About the Instructor

Martin Alaimo

Consultant and trainer dedicated to Business Agility and Digital Product Creation.

You will be trained by an expert who supports companies and has assisted over 6,000 professionals in more than 20 years of agile product development.

Martin's approach is situational and practical, while his teaching style is immersive, offering novel experiences with the material that facilitate rapid learning.

He is a recognized author of 5 books on the benefits of Agility in digital innovation and has been a speaker at over 30 conferences in the United States and 14 countries in Latin America and Europe.

He is one of the few experts holding the industry's highest certifications in agile practices: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC), Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CAL Educator), and Path to CSP Educator.

Upon completion, you'll also be able to

Collaborate for Success: Enhance collaboration skills to work effectively with product teams, fostering a shared vision and collective ownership of the product development process.

Optimize Backlog Management: Gain expertise in managing product backlogs efficiently, ensuring tasks align with business and user needs for maximum impact.

Refine Testing Strategies: Master the development of robust testing strategies, ensuring product features are validated against real-world scenarios for quality assurance.

Drive Continuous Improvement: Learn to integrate user feedback and performance data for ongoing product optimization, maintaining relevance and competitiveness in the market.

Sep 4 - Sep 26

Every Wenesday & Thursday
6:00 pm Miami
8 Meetings
in Spanish

USD 1247
USD 847*

* Available for the next:

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This program ha no strict prerequisites, participants from various backgrounds can benefit. However, having a basic understanding of digital products and experience in product-related roles might enhance the learning experience. This flexibility allows individuals eager to deepen their expertise in digital product management to enroll and succeed, regardless of their initial level of familiarity with the subject matter.

The certification is granted by Disruption Factory, an entity that assesses beyond what is normally assessed in a traditional certification process. Disruption Factory ensures that certified professionals have situational competencies and not merely academic ones, thus ensuring the highest standards in the industry.

We record the live classes, so you can watch them later in case of not being able to participate. Anyway, to access the certification exam, you must meet 75% attendance at online classes.

Four weeks (two sessions per week).

You can pay online with a credit card or Bank Transfer.

  • When you click on 'buy now' you will be able to complete your enrollment and select the payment method.
  • If doing a bank transfer, kindly register and immediately let us know of your payment choice via hello@alaimolabs.com.
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Certified Digital Product Manager (DPM)

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