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Viendo tentimonios de la certificación:

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Florencia Pavese , Buenos Aires
Excellent course! It was very well facilitated and very collaborative. Thanks, Martín for helping us think, ask questions, and improve. I highly recommend it!
Matias Moine , Rosario
Excellent course! It was very practical and focused on the key concepts! I 100% recommend it!
Ariel Loscerbo
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Celeste Alasino , Cordoba
Excellent presentation by Martín, clear on the contents and good group management. The proposed activities were 100% clear and useful. I loved having studied with Martín and the rest of the group. Thanks!
Facundo Rodrigo Alaimo
An excellent course that completely changes your vision and immerses you in the world of SCRUM in the most dynamic and entertaining way. I recommend it for anyone who wants to start this new profession or to add more knowledge and tools :) Thank you Martin for contributing so much!!
Carla Spinella , Houston
The Certified Scrum Master course was very good. Even if you have practical experience with Scrum, this course complements the knowledge in several important aspects of the framework. This course also clearly explains when to apply or not apply Scrum. I recommend it.
Andrés Castañeda , Quito
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Pablo Ignacio Burgos
Excellent course, far from the typical theory course with PowerPoint slides. It exceeded my expectations. It was very practical, to the point, and well structured. I highly recommend it!
Miguel Contreras
Excellent learning methodology. It's a great course especially when you don't know much about Scrum.
Angie Milena Avellaneda Mejía
It is a very intense and continuous learning course, not only through our teacher Martín but also through the dynamics used that promoted the collaboration between the participants which in turn helped to internalize concepts and to visualize the perspectives and professional experiences of others. I highly recommend taking this course, especially for those who must manage projects and products with interdisciplinary teams. The course met all my expectations!!
Marcelo Gabriel Alvarez Cavia , Santa Fe
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Sebastián Schiavello , Ciudad de Buenos Aires
This course has been an extraordinary experience. Martin taught us in a simple way how to get started in the world of Scrum.
Sandra Katherine Bastidas Chumacero
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Vanessa Villarreal , Anisacate
The experience in this course has really been very enriching, based on the very dynamic classes and activities by Martín. We did the course in teams, multidisciplinary and from different countries or regions, interacting collaboratively and naturally. A highly recommend it as a step to start training in Scrum into the path of continuous improvement. Thank you!
Gustavo Díaz
Excellent course. Everyone's good vibes and Martín's clarity and patience in explaining concepts made this course really worth it. I will certainly continue my future certifications with you!
Fernando Eijo , Barcelona
After several years working as a Scrum Master, I find the course very valuable and, above all, the outcomes-based approach. I would recommend it to everyone, regardless if they have been in the role for a long time.
Sergio Andrés Londoño Villa
The CSM course exceeded all my expectations. Not only because of Martín Alaimo's commitment to answer questions, but also due to the variety of activities, and how I ended up feeling firsthand what Scrum is. This course strengthened my professional standing and equipped me to get certified without fear of failing.
Carolina Tosoni
The simplicity and depth with which Martín presents the content in the course is world-class. Thank you for such an enriching training experience!
Eduardo Brie
Excellent course !!! I highly recommend it. The Scrum framework, as indicated in the guide, is an agile framework and perhaps you can learn about it by reading the guide or watching a video ... but with this course Martin makes us live the framework and makes us understand it in such a way that it gives the tools to implement it right away. In my case, I was already Scrum Master but in other courses, they just give you the concepts but you don't live the framework like Martin does it.
Beatriz Elena García Gutiérrez , Sabaneta
Thank you! It was really a great experience. The dynamism, closeness, and pragmatism with which the cases are raised made the techniques used close to our day-to-day!
Miriam Frias
I loved taking this course! It is great to be immersed in SCRUM concepts for two full days. The dynamics of the course were super interesting by putting theory into practice. Martin is really amazing at handling the dynamics of the course!
Julia Monasterio
I highly recommend this course! Even though it was done online, which is challenging, the course was practical, very dynamic, and entertaining. There was a very good exchange of experiences among participants. The knowledge and effort behind its realization are visible. Thanks a lot!
Cintia Zalazar , Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Excellent course! The way Martin teaches . . . . there is no better way to learn SCRUM than by applying SCRUM! Excellent digital tools deal with virtual learning. I recommend it!
Iván Rodríguez Contreras
The course seemed complete in content including the latest changes and upgrades of Scrum. As for the way it is carried out, it is very dynamic and practical, with the breaks being ideal for the intensity of the course. As for Martín, you can see that he is an expert in Scrum with the knowledge acquired throughout the years he has been dedicating himself to this! I highly recommend this course because you leave you wanting more! Totally satisfied and grateful to have done it!
Gabriela Gaetani
Everything was great. Even being 100% virtual, it was very dynamic and enriching in content and exercises. All the warm-ups, welcome, tutorials, videos, and meetings were excellent. Congratulations! Martín, one can see that there is a lot of hard work and dedication to what you do.
Esteban Guidobaldi
Martín is a uniquely gifted teacher. When he explains concepts they become simple and understandable. He also has a very playful way to cement knowledge (plus he makes AMAZING sketches). I had an excellent experience and it allowed me not only to lose certain fears but it motivated me to want to get even more into the agile world.
Silvana Prieto , Capital Federal
Great course! Martín has a very didactic and entertaining way of accompanying us, he knows his subject very well and is very empathetic and careful. He has managed to create closeness even when we are in a remote environment and during difficult times. Thanks!
Patricia Husni
Martin Alaimo's extensive knowledge is incredible! He also manages collaborative virtual tools with expertise and ease. His level of expertise and knowledge truly stands out. The course was enjoyable, and it has a collaborative environment where time passed by fast. I enjoyed having participants from all over the world because it generated the possibility of sharing knowledge and learning from each other due to the fact that we all have different training and experience profiles. Thank you!
Victoria Bernal Garcia
Excellent course!!! I was surprised by the dynamics of the virtual course, everything seemed very useful to me !! And Martín is brilliant instructor!!
Nicolas Donadio , Ciudad de Buenos Aires
I loved the class, it was super dynamic, super clear, and practical examples. We implement everything we learned in the workshop. I truly recommend it. ✌️
Denisse Giovanna Valdiviezo Puescas
The Certified Scrum Master course help introduce me to this framework that revolutionized the way of developing software and that today is applied to all kinds of complex projects. Martín not only explains in depth what Scrum is and how to implement it but also the different dynamics that take place during the 2 days of the workshop, contribute to applying it in a practical way and deepening their understanding. The level of organization of his entire team is excellent, they answered doubts and questions almost immediately. Thank you so much for everything.
Sebastian D'Asta
This course has undoubtedly been a great help for my career plan. All the warm-up material, the sessions were very dynamic, the teams and how they were put together, the support tools to do the exercises, everything was done online. I believe it was a very good course and I recommend it 100% !!!
Yasna Rivera Marcial
I came to learn how the framework works and I took a lot more with me. Not only did I learn key concepts related to scrum and agility, but I was also able to see clearly through the different exercises, the problems that we face when working in teams, and how results can be improved by operating at the human level and going beyond processes. Thank you, Martín for the quality of the content and to his entire team for the organization.
Eleonora Lucia Albornoz , Buenos Aires
Excellent experience. Martín is a great instructor, the course had different dynamics to learn the concepts in an experiential way. I loved the course and I learned a lot in these two days. Thanks!!
Solange Agustina Flores Gourdy , Siracusa
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Adrian Romero , Rosario
Realicé el curso CSM con Martín Alaimo y ha superado ampliamente mis expectativas! Aprendí los conceptos de Scrum de forma sólida, práctica y entretenida para rendir el examen de la Scrum Alliance. Destaco también la plataforma, y los procesos de soporte previos, durante y posteriores al curso. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de Alaimo Labs! Sin dudas son principales referentes para la formación en Scrum y seguramente continuaré capacitándome con ustedes en este apasionante marco de trabajo. Beso y gracias por todo! Euge.
Maria Eugenia Llanez , Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
If you are only looking for a course to simply get certified as a Scrum Master, do not take this course, because here you not only learn about Scrum, but Martin also teaches you how to differentiate yourself from other Scrum Masters by adding value to the organization and the entire Scrum team. You will also learn what situations to avoid (anti-patterns) and that we should measure outcomes over outputs. Don't say I didn't warn you ... ;)
Camila Fraternali