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Viendo tentimonios de la certificación:

Excellent content! The course was taught in a very pleasant way using modules with suitable blocks of time.
Eduar Ramírez
This course should have 5 stars or more! Excellent content. I am seriously considering taking the course to become a certified Scrum Master. Excellent course!!
Ricky Wilson Alcalá Baena , Cartagena
Each of the Scrum concepts were very well explained. I fully recommend taking this course.
Edwar Antonio Reyes Reyes , LIMA
Excellent course! It was compelling and it leaves you wanting to learn more!
Matias Autalan
Great course! I refreshed Scrum concepts and I now know the latest version of the Scrum guide.
Christopher Espino , Ate
I really enjoyed this course. Thank you for sharing all the Scrum basics. They are extremely useful for anyone seeking to educate their teams on how to adapt to changing environments.
jessica lorena martinez guanga
This course explains the basic Scrum fundamentals in a very engaging way.
Mariano Reperger
Very substantial, clear, and useful. It presents Scrum in a simple but very valuable way and helps you take your first steps into this framework!
Felipe Falcone
Thanks, Martin for the course, it was great to reinforce my learning about Scrum fundamentals and I like how you explain it, you have the gift of teaching. I can't wait to learn even more!
Emir André Salinas , Lima
This course was excellent, clear, and precise. It provided everything to begin and continue advancing in this new path.
Rodolfo Alfaro C
I loved this course!! I am looking forward to doing the Scrum Product Owner certification.
Karen Pavez Valenzuela , Santiago
Super clear and a great way to enter the world of agile and SCRUM methodologies and choose which path to explore ... Thank you!
Mariana Literowski
It is an excellent course to enter the world of Scrum and Agility. This course is an incentive to seek deeper knowledge.
Rodolfo Castillo , ÑUÑOA
It is a very complete course, which opened up the world of the Scrum framework for me. I thank Martín for sharing his experience and knowledge, without a doubt I will sign up to obtain the certification !!
Matías Emanuel Maresca , caba
The course is great. It is very enriching and accompanied by the book "Scrum and something else" makes it a good start into the world of SCRUM.
Luis Piñero
The course was very good and it helped me a lot. Thanks, Martin you explained the material very clearly.
Agos Lumello
I simply loved it! Martin presents Scrum in such a manner, that you can get into the world of Scrum in a fast and accurate way. For me, as a Developer, it is essential to continue learning and strive towards continuous improvement. This Scrum Fundamentals course, helped me update everyday Scrum concepts that are always wise to review. Thanks!
Nikolas Santis
The course is super helpful if you want to begin to understand what Scrum is. It is very clear and has short videos that make the course easy to follow all the way to the end. Congratulations!
Jesús Arce
Excellent course! Applicable for those who are new to Scrum and those who seek to strengthen their Scrum knowledge.
Candela Checa
This Scrum Fundamentals course was very dynamic. I was able to understand not only the fundamentals of Scrum but also the roles, events, and artifacts of this framework. I am extremely grateful!
Hernan Edu Quispe
I loved the Scrum Fundamentals course. Martin is excellent at explaining concepts. I understood everything perfectly !! Thank you.
Antonella Iglesias
This course covers the fundamentals of agile thinking and it helped me understand the concepts of scrum or agile development. I have been participating in development teams for 4 years where we apply Scrum, and this theoretical course was the part that was missing to be able to understand the Scrum framework in more detail.
Pedro mendoza ardiles