6671 people have certified with us.

Have implemented what they learned in whole or in part.
Have found improvements in their daily work.
Have observed benefits at a personal or professional level.

Viendo tentimonios de la certificación:

Happy to have gone through this incredible transformation process! I grew a lot, I learned a lot, I enjoyed myself a lot… it was a truly wonderful process! Now ... it's time to fly! I'm going for it!
Diego Virgolini , Córdoba
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
A learning experience that truly transforms the way you view and feel coaching. It challenged my judgments and showed me a new way of experiencing this profession.
Claudio Posada , Montevideo
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
What an incredible life experience. It is not simply a course, it is a meeting place with oneself, in order to later serve others in this beautiful role of Agile Coach. Thanks, PAC! Thanks, Martin!
María Fernanda Yepez , quito
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
Simply an excellent course from start to finish! What a deep and challenging learning and growth process!!
Andres Rodriguez Gonzalez , Bogota
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
Many thanks to all who made possible the organization of this beautiful process from beginning to end. A big hug to all! I take what I have learned and I will put it into action and I promise to continue learning and improving in my professional and personal development.
Manuel Cárdenas , Santiago
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
It is not simply a course ... it is a total change in your life! It's an evolution towards a new professional path with the ability to impact the lives of others. An intense path that is worth traveling.
Francisco Contreras , Santiago
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
A transforming path ... a path full of emotions, fellow students, learnings, discoveries and encounters with oneself ... THANK YOU
Carlos Scolni , Buenos Aires
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
The PAC course was an amazing learning journey taught by great professionals. It really gives you a different perspective of how you can face challenges and be able to apply them in your daily life, teams, organizations.
Fernando Alayo Vásquez , Lima
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
One of the most demanding certifications I have ever taken since I encountered a totally innovative and very demanding approach, plus the quality of coaches and colleagues was superior. I highly recommend it if you are looking to transform yourself and are passionate about challenges.
Hernán Medina , Buenos Aires
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
Extraordinary experience! It is one of the best courses I have ever taken!!! It has contributed in a special way to my personal and professional growth. It has challenged me so much. I am leaving with a new perspective on how to be a coach and having met a lot of wonderful people. Thank you very much, Martin and all the coaches for making this possible.
Arichuna Vera
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
The course was designed in such a way that the whole experience transforms you both personally and professionally. You don't just attend the PAC course you experience it and live it! My expectations were exceeded and this course has motivated me into exploring new paths.
Ana Morán , Santiago
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
One of the most transformative experiences of both my career and my life. Thanks a lot!!
Paula Besteiro , CABA
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
It really is a transformative experience. Congratulations Martín and his team of Coaches! One is a person at the beginning of the course and another totally different one at the end of it. Thank you very much for allowing me to experience this.
Julián Alvarez , Buenos Aires
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
I totally recommend taking the PAC course! For me it is not just a course, it is a constant learning guide that teaches you how to evolve as a person in order to help others realize their full potential and it is applicable for both people and organizations. Being an Agile Coach is a great responsibility and I consider myself a lifelong learner!!!!
Angelica Domenack , Lima
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
Excellent program! What stands out is the fact that everything learned is put into practice, but above all, I want to commend the contributions the coaches gave us that added an incalculable value to learning. A great experience!
D. Rodrigo Zottola Pareja , San Miguel De Tucuman (Est. Tucuman)
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
This course is an unrivaled learning process. A unique opportunity to learn about yourself and evolve personally, socially, and professionally.
Germán Gaitan , Buenos Aires
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
More than a course, it is a path that must be traveled by those dedicated to bringing agility to companies as part of their day-to-day life.
Carlos Andres Garcia Garcia , Cali
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)
It is a course to apply in your life. It transforms you in every way, grinds you inside, puts you back together, confronts you as a professional, and above all brings out a better version of you as a human being. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity !!!
Carolina Echavarría Villegas , Medellin
Professional Agile Coach (PAC)