Prácticas Técnicas para Scrum Masters y Agile Coaches

Prácticas Técnicas para Scrum Masters y Agile Coaches

A hands-on, technical workshop for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Product Owners who work closely with software development teams and wish to strengthen their own technical knowledge and skills.

Delivered by Nicolás Páez, a Computer Engineer with over twenty years of experience, who designed this training course specially oriented to non-specialized audiences.

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What will you learn?

Techniques to facilitate estimating and planning sessions.

You will be familiar with how to split user stories (slicing).

You will understand the fundamental ideas and practices for a team to operate within a continuous delivery/DevOps framework.

Potential strategies for ensuring the product's quality.


1. Slicing & Specification with examples

Slicing (partitioning) is critical in achieving a good continuous delivery flow and reducing feedback cycles. We will see different slicing techniques that, complemented by the use of specification techniques with examples based on 'natural' language (Gherkin), can help teams deliver exactly what the user needs without ambiguity or repeated back and forth.

2. Estimating, Planning, and Monitoring

In Agile development contexts, estimation methods are based on the opinions of those who will do the work. It is quite beneficial that the activity is facilitated by someone who is not involved in the estimation. In this workshop, we will go through three estimating techniques along with a bunch of tips to facilitate them. At the same time, we will see a set of techniques to move from estimation to planning. Finally, we will learn how to monitor the execution, adapting the initially agreed plan as necessary.

3. Testing and Technical Quality

Agile development proposes a quality and testing approach that differs from the traditional one. We'll look at the implications of this approach and the common questions teams often face: what kinds of tests to do? How many tests of each type to do? When to do them? Who should do them?

4. Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery & DevOps

In recent years, DevOps initiatives have gained tremendous popularity. As a consequence, various terms and techniques have become common currency. However, for people lacking such a technical background, understanding all this and being able to add value to its implementation can be a significant challenge. That is why we will conceptually see the implications of a DevOps work dynamic together with its usual terminology, techniques, and tools for its implementation.

Technical Practices for what?

You have long had the knowledge and experience to practice a healthy Scrum with your team.

However, since Scrum is a framework, teams may encounter concerns that exceed the framework's proposal.

The thing is, developers are those building the product. But Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches -by helping the team to create the best agile process- or Product Owners -who ensure the excellence of the product to be built- can't ignore the technical aspects of software development.

They need to have the tools to understand limitations of technical nature and avoid communication or interpretation issues.

In this workshop, we will introduce you to a set of proven industry techniques so you will be able to accompany software development teams in improving their delivery process with Scrum, and overcoming the usual problems of development teams, such as ambiguous specifications, useless estimates, poor quality, failed execution and bumpy delivery.

What's in it?


A set of heuristics for story partitioning.


A technique for specifying and automating acceptance criteria.

Concurrent development

Three strategies for working in multiple functionalities'development at the same time.

Testing strategy

A heuristic to define the testing strategy.

Value Stream

Three techniques to enable a flow of continuous value delivery.

Technical notions

The ability to hold and understand technical conversations with your team.

Prácticas Técnicas para Scrum Masters y Agile Coaches

5 sessions of 2 hours each

100% live with Nico Paez

Working material

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About your trainer: Nico Paez

Nicolás Páez is a Computer Engineer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

He holds extensive experience working in the software industry (over 20 years).

Nicolás is involved both in the software development industry and academia. He is a university professor at UBA and Tres de Febrero University (UNTreF), in Buenos Aires.

He has completed a specialization in Information Technology Applied to Education and has published several articles and books in the Software Engineering field.

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It's the best option to learn at a sufficient level the main technical practices that are needed to correctly carry out the work of a Scrum Master or Agile Coach if your previous training doesn't include a technical background such as computer or systems engineering. Undoubtedly, the bases delivered -and complemented by the readings recommended by the trainer- allow improvement in the technical realm.
José Miguel Reyes López
The trainer's knowledge and ground experience make the difference.
Sebastian Cohen
Great course, with concepts and techniques necessary to help teams in continuous improvement and early value delivery.
Rene Gimenez

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Do I need programming skills?

Absolutely not. The approaches we'll examine are incredibly useful for programmers, but understanding the technique and its fundamental principles doesn't require programming knowledge.

Are there any requirements?

You will need at least a year of experience working with a software development team.

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