Organizational Design (ORG)

Organizational Design (ORG)

Optimize your organization's design to maximize its adaptability.

A workshop on organizational design specifically tailored for those working in agile organizational contexts, looking to enhance the effectiveness of their intervention within a transformational setting.

Designed and taught by Hiroshi Hiromoto, an agility consultant with over a decade of experience supporting organizations like Intercorp, Grupo Romero, Sura, Rimac, David Systems, among others, in their transformation processes.

Aug 12 - Sep 3

7:00 pm Miami
8 Meetings
in Spanish

USD 597
USD 497*

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You will understand what the discipline of Organizational Design entails, where it comes from, and its relevance in contexts where we seek to amplify agility throughout the organization. We will explore how the organizational design process works, from identifying the need to continuous improvement after its adoption.

In this module, you will learn about different organizational design models that will enable you to represent all the elements that make up an organization, so that its design is effective in achieving the strategic objectives of that organization. Additionally, we will review the main agile frameworks from the perspective of Organizational Design with the help of one of those models, giving you a complete view of the implications of each of them.

The ultimate goal of designing an organization is for it to achieve its defined strategic purposes. To this end, in this module:

  • You will learn to identify the main patterns of strategy that exist and how they impact design.
  • We will see how to identify, from the strategy, the organizational capabilities we need to achieve an adaptive organization, which will guide the design work.
  • Finally, you will learn tools to perform an initial assessment of your organization's current design, which will be the starting point for the design work.

Organizational Design aims to align and fit all parts of an organization so that it achieves its defined strategic objectives. To this end, in this module:

  • You will learn the necessary steps to design the structure, lateral capabilities, and people practices.
  • You will understand how to apply different tools within the design process (such as Team Topologies, Org Topologies, unfix, among others)..
  • You will see real-life examples that will give you a concrete idea of how to apply what you have learned.

You will learn how to apply Organizational Design as an ongoing business process, not as a one-time repair job, including tools for assessing the impact of the current design and experimenting with continuous improvements.

¿What will you learn?

You will learn about a set of models and tools that will enable you to optimize your organization's design, specifically aligned with its defined strategic purposes.

You will understand how from the strategy, the organizational capabilities are defined, which will serve as a guide for the design process.

You will have a clear understanding of what organizational design is and its relevance in agile contexts.

You will be capable of evaluating the current state of your adoption through the lenses of organizational design to identify areas for improvement.

You will take away an organizational design model on which to base your design choices.

You will learn a set of guiding principles to optimize your design in pursuit of an adaptive organization.

You will have a tool to assess the current state of your transformation from the perspective of organizational design.

What is it about?

You have scaled agilitY with a certain level of success, and you're thinking: What's next? What can I do to further enhance the impact on my company?

One of the main focuses of the discipline of Organizational Design is to align and fit all parts of an organization so that it achieves its defined strategic objectives. Generally, when we adopt agility, we focus on only some parts of the organization following a scaling framework. This causes other parts of the organization to be misaligned, reducing the impact of our interventions.

Thanks to the models and tools we will introduce in this workshop, you will be able to support your organization more effectively in solving its challenges through alignment between strategic objectives and the design decisions taken so far, identifying areas for improvement and new spaces for intervention.


16 hours of live learning: filled with organizational design practices.

Educational platform: a learning space to strengthen your training.

Program recording: access to the recording for future reference.

Certificate of achievement: upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Alaimo Labs.

Participation requisite: participation in 100% of the online meetings..

To gain the maximum benefit, we recommend having experience in agility.

You will receive 16 miles that can be redeemed for discounts on other Alaimo Labs live programs.

About the Instructor

Hiroshi Hiromoto

Enterprise Agility Consultant at Ment.

His work is focused on co-creating more adaptable organizations that generate greater value for their clients and collaborators, designing flexible organizational systems, rethinking formal structures, cultivating contexts of cultural change, and accompanying executives on their transformation journeys.

He has trained more than 500 people in Lean and Agility, helping them drive evolution in their organization and improve their professional careers.

Hiro has extensive experience in the world of agility, accompanying companies in various sectors such as banking, insurance, human resources, mass consumption, education, logistics, marketing, agribusiness, innovation, and startups, among others.


The trainer is highly knowledgeable in the subject matter and generous with their expertise. This course provides frameworks to make sense of organizational design, starting with the essentials prior to the design itself, including understanding analysis and diagnosis.
Mariela Camacci , Burzaco
Organizational Design (ORG)
It's an excellent course for grasping the various approaches and methods of delving into the world of organizational design."
Noelia Salcedo
Organizational Design (ORG)
I found it very effective how agility is interlocked with the Galbraith model to identify common ground in factors like flexibility and adaptability through agile tools.
Fernando Alayo Vásquez , Lima
Organizational Design (ORG)
This course offers not just knowledge, but also a framework to begin with Organizational Design.
Paul Gonzales
Organizational Design (ORG)

Aug 12 - Sep 3

7:00 pm Miami
8 Meetings
in Spanish

USD 597
USD 497*

* Available for the next:
3 spots left!

We've worked with organizations like...

Assist Card
Banco de Chile
Banco de Occidente
Swiss Medical
Banco Falabella


This course is designed for ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, or change agents who are seeking to enhance their organizational-level intervention within their company, optimizing their strategic intentions.

Taking the course has no requirements. However, we recommend that you have experience in supporting at least more than one team in a collaborative setting.
Organizational Design (ORG)

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