Scholarships Program

We can help you make a difference in the world of work.

We offer 50% scholarships to help those who seek to make a high impact in the world of work but do not have the tools to achieve it..

Some people improve the world of work with their initiatives, collaborative spirit, and great potential. We want to support them in their career development. For us, this means that that person manages to live from what he enjoys doing and that, at the same time, it has a positive impact on his work environment. In this way, you will improve your conditions and that of the professionals around you..

This scholarship program has a dual purpose: to support the training of those who are currently generating a positive impact in the world of work and, through this, to amplify the effect of their actions in their current or potential work environment.

Before starting your application, you need to be very clear about how our services will help you in this dual purpose of benefiting you individually and at the same time favoring those around you at work.

Code of Honor

Please only apply for a scholarship if you really need one. This means that developing your career would not be financially possible at this time without this scholarship.

Our scholarship system is not a lottery for a place in one of our courses.When we make the selection, we will focus on people with real present impact, potential in the future and with a lack of economic possibilities.

How to apply

Follow these steps

Tell us about your history, your professional career, and how you positively influence your work environment's life (think about the double purpose that we told you about recently). Tell us the activity you are applying for and tell us why you think you deserve it. Please be particularly emphatic in letting us know how you feel this training activity will support you in your mission. Remember that we still don't know anything about you, and all information is valuable. Go ahead and use the resources you can imagine. Do not limit yourself in the creativity of putting together the message and what you feel you should communicate.

Use the following title and description (transcribe them verbatim) and post it on Youtube

Martin Alaimo | Application for a scholarship

DESCRIPTION: Alaimo Labs - State-of-the-art Methods #AlaimoLabs Scholarship

Please send us the link to the email indicating your full name, the activity for which you wish to apply, and take the opportunity to include all other supporting material for the application (for example, your social networks, letters of recommendation, photos ... .what you want!). Remember that all creative resources are valid to convey the value of your message. Think about the things that we should know to facilitate making the final decision.

We carefully review each video we receive and that takes time. Give us at least 10 business days in order to get a response.