Product Ownership Foundations

Product Ownership Foundations

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Aligned to the latest version of the Scrum Guide, the official Scrum reference, and authored by Martin Alaimo, an agile trainer with the four highest certifications in the industry: CST, CEC, CAL Educator & Path to CSP Educator

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By completing this Product Ownership Fundational course

You'll know the responsibilities and expectations of the Product Owner.

You'll learn to prioritize the features to build the product evolutionarily instead of sequentially.

You'll know how to manage and refine the Product Backlog.

You will understand how to use User Stories correctly.

What is it about?

Scrum is a framework that allows you to find emerging practices in complex domains, such as innovative products development.

Given that users finally use only 50% of the ideas we have for our products and that, in addition, they require several iterations of experimentation to be genuinely profitable, trying to achieve product success through sequential and predictive methods is a nightmare from which you need to wake up.

Product Ownership is the streamlining of the traditional Product Manager profile. This new look at the discipline will allow you to wake up from the utopia of thinking about the products at once and seeing them working successfully right away.

The volatile, ambiguous, complex, and unpredictable world we live in requires you to change your mind and learn to design products iteratively and incrementally..

Developing your Product Ownership profile is the pearl that will make a big difference in your Product Management career.

When registering you will get:

First-hand knowledge about product development with Scrum from one of the most experienced trainers.

Comprehensive knowledge about the theories behind Scrum..

1 Scrum Alliance SEU.

About the Instructor

Martin Alaimo

A dedicated consultant in business agility and digital product creation.

He's been working with agility since 2004 and guiding organizations since 2009. He's supported over 6,000 professionals in learning and developing skills for product creation and adopting cutting-edge methods.

In 2022, he founded Disruption Factory, an entity that assesses and certifies high-standard skills supported by decision-making processes.

Martin's approach is practical and tailored to the situation, while his teaching style is immersive, offering novel hands-on experiences that facilitate rapid learning.

He has published 5 books and spoken at over 30 conferences across Latin America and the United States.

Additionally ...

You'll know the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto and Scrum.

You'll identify the roles of the Scrum Team.


Me encantó como me aclaro dudas de las historias de usuarios, la pila de producto y los refinamientos.
Product Ownership Foundations
Muy completo y te da una pequeña vista del mundo de Product Owner.
Daniela Perez , Cali
Product Ownership Foundations
Corto pero con explicaciones de calidad!
Silvia Morales Flores
Product Ownership Foundations
Es práctico, directo y sencillo de entender. Van al grano en cuanto a explicar los conceptos y te ayuda a comprender las situaciones en las que tu papel se vería envuelto en un proyecto.
José Alberto Apaza Sevilla
Product Ownership Foundations
Muy claro y muy buenos lo ejemplos o analogías utilizadas. Me dio claridad sobre varios temas que tenía dudas.
Christian Capelo
Product Ownership Foundations
Muy bien explicado de forma didáctica, para iniciar en las certificaciones de Product Owner me parece adecuado.
angela vergara
Product Ownership Foundations

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in Spanish

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