Product-Led Agility

Product-Led Agility

A free Masterclass that will provide you with an advanced and updated perspective on product-centered agility, going beyond tasks, estimates, prioritizations, and deliverables.

We will also show you frequent team's malfunctions, conceptual flaws, how to navigate the 'dilemma' in having to choose between stakeholders or users, and how to rethink the game and spot the growth opportunities your product needs, starting by doing small adjunstements.

Don't miss this opportunity to refresh your perspective and see beyond the obvious!


What will you learn on this Masterclass?

You will understand the principles of a modern approach to agility focused on products (Product-Led Agility).

You will know a way to set up teams within a product-oriented organization.

You will become aware of the implications of an Agile product strategy and where to focus your efforts.

You will see the most important indicators when assessing a Product Team's 'performance'.


1. Product-Led Agility

Learn a product viewpoint that pushes us to be better in what we deliver. It's a different hour now. Organizations at the forefront of innovation are no longer looking for the agile skillset that arose in the late1990s and evolved over the next 20 years.

2. Product-Led Organizations

Discover how to structure teams in product-led terms and how outcome-driven teams operate. We'll discuss design flaws that prevent them from focusing on results.

3. Agile Product Strategy

You will Identify the essential components when designing and implementing an agile product strategy, as well as the usual antipatterns you should avoid to stay focused on your goals. Following this class, it will become easier for you to spot the imbalances between Product Discovery, Product Delivery y Product Strategy.

4. Product-Led Performance

You will know a series of metrics that profoundly redefine the notion of team 'performance' and will learn how teams are monitoring the product once released.

The Masterclass you can't skip

Gone are the days when the deployment of a user story was the last sign of a goal achieved.

Successful Agile teams now look beyond acceptance criteria and production environments to see if a feature or a full version is worth developing.

This change requires an honest look into the eyes (and feelings) of users to deeply understand their problems and offer a suggested solution, often imperfect, as a starting point toward a successful product.

This Masterclass discusses product-driven development patterns that arise from this perspective and explore how they impact teams' daily work, stretching the limits of Agile as we know it.

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Product-Led Agility

2 hours live with Martin Alaimo

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Didn't find the dates you're looking for?

Didn't find the dates you're looking for?

4 advantages to taking this course with Martin Alaimo

You'll learn from a renowned author of 5 books on Agility and 100+ Google Scholar citations who has trained over 6,000 professionals since 2012.

Martin Alaimo holds four of the industry's most prestigious certifications: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) since 2012, Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) since 2010, Certified Team Coach (CTC) since 2010, Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CAL Educator) since 2015, and Path to CSP Educator since 2017, which grants you an expert trainer in Agility.

His thinking is situational and pragmatic, based on over 15 years of experience leading organizational evolutions.

His teaching style is immersive, with a fresh content approach that promotes quick learning.

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