Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF)

Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF)

Your professional facilitation skills, but with a hint of different.

100% Online! The Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF) is a unique program to gain and develop facilitation capabilities and take them into action within agile teams. Conceived by Martin Alaimo and designed and facilitated by Claudia Toscano and Dieter Varas, professionals with extensive experience in implementing Agility.

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You will understand what Facilitation is, the value that the participants of a meeting obtain, and how it differs from traditional meetings. We will also enter the world of the facilitator and understand their mindset and different core responsibilities.

A participatory decision-making conversation goes through different stages over time. These stages have particularities that differentiate them, moods that should prevail and you will know how to act according to the stage in which the conversation you are facilitating is found. Additionally, you will learn to generate sustainable agreements.

In addition to learning a facilitator's core skills, we will present techniques and tools that will allow you to promote all points of view, and that you can put into practice within an hour of having finished the program to make the meetings facilitated by you an event that adds real value to people.

You will learn techniques that will allow you to plan, facilitate and obtain amazing results with massive events.

Having already delved into the art of facilitation, we will focus on the role of the Scrum Master as a facilitator of spaces, enabler of purposeful conversations, and how to apply everything learned in the events of this framework.

You will learn a different perspective on conflicts or 'conflictive' people and you will take away tools to guide teams in this type of meeting towards collaborative construction or resolution.

You will learn how to generate sustainable agreements within teams and organizations, raising your awareness about harmful false solutions that hinder the necessary self-organization in high-performance teams.

What will you learn on the Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF) course?

Tell apart virtuous facilitation practices to guide ideation and innovation processes.

You'll develop solid techniques to facilitate massive events.

You'll enhance your ability to change the course of your facilitation intervention when necessary.

You'll Facilitate conflict resolution meetings making participants feel comfortable.

You'll learn to facilitate participatory decision-making processes.

This course will teach you to design and facilitate meetings and guide the participants to make collaborative, participatory, orderly and purposely decisions. In short, everyone contributes, and that the discussion does not go crazy.

Facilitation helps a group or team identify common goals and offers group processes to achieve those results while maintaining neutrality. Professionals who operate as Agile Team Facilitators are in charge of keeping an agile team running and constantly growing, innovating and challenging the status quo towards a clear purpose or goal.

You will accumulate 8 SEUs in the Scrum Alliance.

Disruption Factory

We will use the Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF) Radar

The Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF) Radar was born in chapter 12, 'Facilitator Learning' from my book 'Agile Team Facilitator' published by Martin Alaimo in 2016. Since then, we've recommended the self-evaluation mechanism to all facilitators to understand their skills and opportunities for improvement. The radar consists of 75 questions carefully thought and tested countless times, grouped into different competence areas.

Agile Team Facilitator (ATF) Radar

You can click here to try it for free and get the result instantly.

What do you get when you register for the Disruptive Agile Facilitator Certification?

Course Recording

Access to the course recording 🎥 after its completion, so you can have it for consultation and reference

✅ Yes, you read that right: we record the course and make it available so you can repeat it as many times as you want!

Campus Online

With material that you can consult without a time limit.

Digital Book 'Agile Teram Facilitator'

To use as a reference during the course and after finishing it 📚.

International Recognition

The most recognized Agile Facilitator certification in industry companies 🥇 (after passing the corresponding exam).

16 Miles & PDUs

Miles that you can later exchange for discounts in other of our courses and PDUs to accredit in the PMI (Project management Institute) or SEUs for teh Scrum Alliance and maintain your certifications.

About the Instructors

Claudia Toscano Vargas

Since starting her journey in agility back in 2014, she has taken on roles as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Mentor, Trainer, and Agile Coach. In 2020, she was invited to lead the Agile Center of Excellence and Innovation in EPM. Medellin.

Over these years, she has focus in supporting professionals who aspire to drive change within their organizations.

Claudia actively engages with the Agile Colombia and Agile Latam communities, contributing as a speaker and mentor. She's also a valued member of organizing committees for various industry conferences.

Dieter Varas

Dieter Varas has more than 10 years of experience in creating products, digital services and leading multidisciplinary teams under different frameworks for industries such as: banking, insurance companies, ministries, retail, chemicals and public security institutions.

His Agile Coach and Mentor activities are complemented by his experience in teaching and supporting agile evolution processes inside and outside the software industry.

An active participant in the agile and developer community in Chile, he has participated as a speaker at national and international events such as Socrates, Agile in Chile and Kanban Day. He is currently an Agile Coach in LATAM.

Upon completion of this Agile Facilitator certification course

You will know what Team Facilitation is, its techniques, and how it helps you achieve better interactions.

You will design participatory meetings where not everything is chaos and discussio.

You will know how to facilitate participatory decision-making conversations.

You will be able to analyze and evaluate the facilitation expertise of a Scrum Master.

You will identify how to intervene in meetings based on what is happening at the moment.

You will get the experience of facilitating real meetings.

You will know how to apply facilitation in the events of a Scrum team.

You will enable your ability to facilitate any type of work event.

You will learn how to make lasting and consistent team agreements.

After passing the exam, you will be a certified Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF), capable of facing change with purpose and innovation.

This course is Sold Out

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We've worked with organizations like...

Assist Card
Banco de Chile
Banco de Occidente
Swiss Medical
Banco Falabella


The DAF is for leaders, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and/or anyone looking to generate value conversations and keep a team running and constantly growing, innovating and challenging the status quo towards a clear purpose or goal.

Taking the DAF certification course has no pre-requisites. However, we recommend that you have knowledge and experience in agility in order to get the most out of the spaces.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to access the Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF) certification exam at The Disruption Factory. If you need any additional documents, contact us at hola@alaimolabs.com

The certification is granted by Disruption Factory. Disruption Factory (DF) is an entity that evaluates beyond what is normally evaluated in a traditional certification process. DF guarantees that the certificates have situational competencies as well as purely thus ensuring the highest industry standards.

Yes. The DAF course includes access to the certification exam at The Disruption Factory. When you pass the exam you will automatically have the DAF international accreditation.

This is a hand-on course, so consider investing extra time aside from the online classes to participante in individual an collective practices.

You advance from the 'Register' button. The course is paid online, right there you can choose the payment method and do it. If you are interested in paying by bank transfer or deposit, write to us after registering at hola@alaimolabs.com
Disruptive Agile Facilitator (DAF)

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