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Over the years, We've supported 40+ companies and trained 6,000+ professionals on their usage of state-of-the-art methods for creating mind-blowing and profitable tech products that people love.

During this endeavor, Martin Alaimo has founded two consulting companies, published five books about the benefits of agility, Scrum, and coaching in digital innovation, and delivered over 30 talks and keynote sessions at different international conferences.

We've coached and mentored agile coaches and product managers of all experience levels, from new Scrum Masters and Product Managers to newly-promoted Agile Coaches and Product Owners.

We're passionate about agile product management and driven by the purpose of giving digital experience creators a chance to take pride in their work.

Agile Coaching or Consulting?

In short, consulting is about giving you advice on doing something. On the other hand, Coaching is about discovering and overcoming underlying beliefs and self-limiting tendencies to achieve something you'd like. It can be about learning something, acquiring a skill, or changing your point of view about an issue. Consulting is fast and straight to the point, but it can be hard to follow, while Coaching would be a long process and easier to turn into action.

Depending on what you want to solve, it would be Coaching or Consulting what you need. I compiled typical engagements I work on for your help.

Typical consulting engagements

Understanding how to start using Agile & Scrum
Identifying and solving Agile & Scrum antipatterns
Getting help for any Scrum meeting facilitation
Figuring out how to solve a team issue
Understanding how to engage stakeholders
Identifying and addressing team dysfunctions
Figuring out how to elaborate an Agile Product Strategy
Getting help on managing a Product Backlog
Learning how to implement Product Discovery
Understanding the resulting organizational culture from your collective leadership style
Understanding Agile Team and organizational structure and dynamics
Getting the most from your retrospectives

Typical coaching engagements

Developing your Agile Coach or Agile Product Management career
Identifying self-limiting beliefs
Developing teams self-management capabilities
Cross-team collaboration & conflict resolution
Building relationships with co-workers
Building personal resilience & adaptability
Developing self-awareness and processing feedback
Gaining confidence & having difficult conversations
Letting go of control
Developing your Agile Leadership Profile
Innovate, collaborate and lead pushing the limits Innovate, collaborate and lead pushing the limits

Choose your best option

Consulting Options

30min Consulting Call
This is ideal for getting straight to the point advice on clear issues. It's the best option if you have a specific question and want to explore alternatives.

60min Consulting Call
This is a more in-deep call that might include 1:1 training on specific topics. The ideal option if you're looking to design a retrospective plan, get help on PBI slicing or Product Backlog Management.

Full-day Consulting
The full-day consulting option is ideal for designing more complex solutions and adoption approaches, having a more profound 1:1 training, addressing teams dysfunctions, developing agile product strategies, etc.

Long-term Consulting
Long-term engagements are specific initiatives to help organizations and teams embrace agility and product thinking. These initiatives involve cultural and leadership development and teams training.

Coaching Options

60min Coaching Session
This is a 1:1 coaching conversation aimed at exploring root beliefs and self-limiting tendencies that might prevent you from doing, achieving, or learning what you want to.

90min Leadership Coaching Session
Following a 360 leadership assessment, I'll partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative conversation to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential and improve your leadership profile.

6 months Coaching Process
This is a series of 60 minutes bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions for six months (12 coaching sessions). A coaching process is frequently recommended for significant changes, self-challenging actions, and long-lasting change.

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