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Event: Sprint Review

The purpose of the Sprint Review is to inspect the outcome of the Sprint and determine future adaptations. - Scrum Guide

At the end of a Sprint, you inspect the Increment created; this event is called Sprint Review.

During the Sprint Review, the entire Scrum Team collaborates with the stakeholders, evaluates the Increment created in the Sprint, which is integrated into the rest of the product, and decides the following steps to achieve the Product Goal.

The Sprint Review lasts a maximum of four hours for a four-week Sprint. If the Sprint

Pay special attention to turning the Sprint Review into a Demo where the Scrum Team shows what has been built to the stakeholders. The best feedback and the best decisions emerge from an active review where everyone involved uses the product and is not simply observing what has been done.

The feedback can be explicit about changes in the Increment built or new needs that arise when observing the product in action. It can also be implicit: improvement needs that appear simply by observing how stakeholders interact with the product. What are the user’s “pain points”? What could make it easier to use? Where do they get stuck? What could help you understand how to use it? etc.

All of the feedback that arises in the Sprint Review may or may not be considered to become a part of the product or adapt it. That decision is made by the Product Owner and the alignment between the possible adaptations and the Product Goal. If the adaptations do not meet the Product Goal, they may not be considered, or they may be regarded as low priority. On the other hand, if the adaptations are vital to the Product Goal’s achievement, they will be considered a high priority. Their priority will determine the place that those adaptations will take when becoming a PBI and entering the Product Backlog.