Team: Developers

The developers are the people on the Scrum Team who are committed to creating any aspect of a usable Increment in each Sprint. - Scrum Guide

Developers are those team members that build the product. For example, if we are making chairs, the carpenter, upholsterer, painter, designer, and chair tester are Developers. If we were building software, then the tester would be a Developer, the programmer would be a Developer, the business analyst, the user interface designer, the backend, the database administrator, etc.; they would all be Developers.

If you have this role, regardless of the technical skills you must have, which vary according to the industry in which you work, there are specific responsibilities inalienable to you and the other developers.

Create the Sprint Plan

First, Developers are responsible for creating the plan for each Sprint. To make this plan, developers should first have an estimate of the work to be done, you should have identified how much of that work the team can do in the Sprint in question, developers should also break that work down into different tasks and give some coherence to all that work.

This plan will be reflected in the Sprint Backlog. This plan is not set in stone and will change during the Sprint depending on emergent learning.

Deliver only what has reached the Definition of Done

Second, Developers must be committed to the quality standards assumed by all and recorded in the Definition of Done. No one may request the alteration of these criteria to finish faster or deliver more products. You must protect the quality of your work as non-negotiable. The Increment of each Sprint must be aligned with this Definition of Done.

Out of respect for your own work, your teammates, and stakeholders, you will not deliver anything that is not finished.

Adapt the Sprint Plan frequently

Third, Developers are responsible for reviewing together day by day the progress towards the Sprint objective. The Developers shared responsibility to detect deviations and make the necessary decisions to adapt the plan for the next 24 hours to correct any issues.

Hold each other Responsible

Finally, another expectation as a Developer is to hold yourself and the other Developers accountable to carry out your job professionally.