Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)

Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)

The next step in Agile Leadership.

Endorsed by the Scrum Alliance, an international entity with the highest quality standards and facilitated by Martin Alaimo, the only Spanish-speaking trainer who holds the four highest certifications in the industry: CST, CEC, CAL Educator & Path to CSP Educator and certified as Leadership Circle Practitioner by the Leadership Circle Group.

4 de Julio

9:00 am - 6:00 pm Miami
in Spanish
(*) Requires CAL-E/T certification

What will you learn?

You will understand the organization as a system and how changes in the system impact people's behavior and results.

You will be able to identify what types of organizational designs are related to agility and which ones are not.

You will never look at your organization the same way again

You already know about agility. You have learned the values ​​and principles of this work philosophy and the particularities of some of the frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, etc.

But, as you started to understand what 'agile' is all about, you realized that it is not just a change in the way of doing things, but that it requires a profound change in mentality, a 180 degrees shift in the way you see the world of product development.

If this is so hard to implement on a personal level and in work teams, can you imagine how challenging it can be to make it happen for a whole organization?

Great agile leaders are successful and make a real difference because they are able to identify the link between their leadership style and organizational culture. From there, they have the ability to recognize what type of organizational culture they are creating and strategically and deliberately choose the aspects that need modification in order to become true agents of change and sustain that leadership style over time.

In this certification course, as an Organizational Leader in Agility, you will learn not only that, but also how to have a systemic perspective to design not only the culture but also an organization’s structure.

Enroll today for the Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O) and start promoting an agile culture in your organization.


8 hours of live learning

Featuring a situational and practical approach to accelerate your learning.

Educational Platform

A learning environment you can access limitless.


CAL-E/T certification from Scrum Alliance.

8 Miles & PDUs

Miles that you can later exchange for discounts in other of our courses and PDUs to accredit in the PMI (Project management Institute) and maintain your certifications.

CAL-O Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive the CAL-O certification in organizational leadership from Scrum Alliance, the most recognized entity in the Agile world.

Miles and PDUs

8 miles redeemable for discounts on other Alaimo Labs programs + PDUs.


Participation in 100% of the online meeting.

About the Instructor

Martin Alaimo

A dedicated consultant in business agility and digital product creation.

He's been working with agility since 2004 and guiding organizations since 2009. He's supported over 6,000 professionals in learning and developing skills for product creation and adopting cutting-edge methods.

In 2022, he founded Disruption Factory, an entity that assesses and certifies high-standard skills supported by decision-making processes.

Martin's approach is practical and tailored to the situation, while his teaching style is immersive, offering novel hands-on experiences that facilitate rapid learning.

He has published 5 books and spoken at over 30 conferences across Latin America and the United States.

Upon completion of this certification in Organizational Agile Leadership

You will understand the link between leadership and organizational culture and its importance in enabling business agility.

You will become aware of how leadership and culture should align and support the creation of products and services that add value.

You will discover the challenges that a leader and an organization face when implementing an agile approach.

You will have the ability of developing a strategy leveraged on agility to address the necessary systemic changes in order to build an agile organization.


It was personally fulfilling the way that each concept was approached going from theory to hands-on exercises. Each course I have taken with Martin, I am left with a lot of homework and always wanting to learn more!!
Carla Fabregas
Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)
Very enriching course! A great contribution to the broader systemic vision of an organization and how to apply these concepts to take your organization into the world of agility. I highly recommend it for leaders and companies in transition.
Michele Poulangeon , Santiago
Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)
Play my video :)
Liliana Amaya
Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)
It is always a pleasure to take courses with Martin! We not only learn the theory behind the concepts but we are constantly putting those concepts into practice. In this course you are continuously erasing doubts, raising questions, and answering them on the spot with in-depth analysis which makes this course extremely enriching. I truly recommend it!
Micaela Stuckert , CABA
Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)
Excellent course! Once again Martin surprised me with the simplicity with which he is able to connect theory with practice and how systemic thinking can help organizations facilitate and achieve outcomes on their path to agile transformation. I highly recommend it for leaders who want to transform their organizations.
Fernando Alayo Vásquez , Lima
Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)

4 de Julio

9:00 am - 6:00 pm Miami
in Spanish
(*) Requires CAL-E/T certification

Our participants work at...

Assist Card
Banco de Chile
Banco de Occidente


The Scrum Alliance awards this certification. Founded in 2001, it is the longest-running, largest, most established, and influential professional organization within the agile international community. Its certifications, including CAL-O, are the most recognized by companies in the industry regarding hiring professionals with proven Scrum competencies.
Scrum Alliance Logo

You will be able to transfer what you have learned to the development of agile teams capable of collaborating in contexts of high uncertainty and changing requirements. Learning through a thorough and hands-on program will allow you to understand in detail what agile leadership means.

You will learn about leadership in agile contexts and its fundamental principles from a coach certified by the Scrum Alliance, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and The Leadership Circle.

Yes, before taking the CAL-O you must have completed the Certified Agile Leadership Essentials for Tems (CAL-ET) course.

At scrumalliance.org, you can access the list of programs offered by the Scrum Alliance and get an overview of the different learning paths provided.

No. The CAL-O course includes international accreditation from the Scrum Alliance by attending the course in its entirety.

Once you have completed the course, you will access and download your Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O) official certificate within the Scrum Alliance platform. If you need any additional documents, contact us at hello@alaimolabs.com

You click on the 'Register' button. You pay for the course online, and you can also choose a payment method. If you are interested in paying via bank transfer or a bank deposit, kindly write to us after registering at hello@alaimolabs.com

Kindly write to us at hello@alaimolabs.com, and we will be happy to help you with any other questions you might have. :)
Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)

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