Certified Agile Leadership Essentials for Team Leaders (CAL-E/T)

Certified Agile Leadership Essentials for Team Leaders (CAL-E/T)

Endorsed by the Scrum Alliance, an international entity with the highest quality standards and facilitated by Martin Alaimo, the only Spanish-speaking trainer who holds the four highest certifications in the industry: CST, CEC, CAL Educator & Path to CSP Educator and certified as Leadership Circle Practitioner by the Leadership Circle Group.

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What will you learn on the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-ET) course?

An Agile leadership model that allows you to adapt your leadership behavior based on the current situation, instead of having a preferred leadership style that limits you.

How to encourage your teams to work collaboratively and cross-functionally, creating an attractive organizational culture aligned with business objectives.

How to facilitate collaboration between your teams and remove the roots of the problems that may appear on your path to Agility.

To develop a personalized plan for your Agile leader goals according to your strongest skills, which you will have clear with this program.


1. Complexity change and leadership

You will analyze how leadership and management are in continuous evolution and will continue to do so. You will see why the accelerated pace of change in businesses, workforce, and organizational structures demands new forms of leadership.

2. Adaptive leadership in agile contexts

Agile leadership is multi-faceted and can expose dozens of new learning pathways. Learning from experience is essential, as well as giving yourself the time to reflect and rationalize those learnings. I will introduce you to a model and a framework that allows you to see yourself in the mirror and focus on where you can improve. Agile leaders adapt their behavior and attitudes based on the current situation rather than having a preferred leadership style.

3. Social awareness, self-awareness, and leadership

You will understand how to regulate your actions and focus them on achieving effective leadership. You will identify the importance of being fully aware of your actions’ impact on the people around you. This awareness will sharpen your ability as a leader to participate and interact optimally with your teams and increase the likelihood that those teams will achieve the desired results.

4. High-performance team leadership

You will recognize the needs and characteristics of high-performance teams. Through leadership, you will learn how to influence and encourage your teams to work in a collaborative and cross-functional way, creating an attractive organizational culture, one of the keys to obtaining results aligned with business objectives.

5. Team development towards high performance

You will learn how to overcome the challenges that may arise when promoting a high-performance culture. Through a series of case studies, you will have the opportunity to explore, together with other leaders, how to help team members overcome challenges and align the team's values ​​with those of the organizatio.

6. Actionable Model for Leadership Development

I will introduce you to the Leadership Circle Profile ™ - Manager Edition (LCP-ME). The LCP-ME is the only model that integrates leadership Creative Competencies that speak about how you achieve your results, get the best out of others, and lead with vision, foster your development, act with integrity and courage, and improve organizational systems; with Reactive Tendencies that emphasize caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggression over building alignment. These limiting styles emphasize gaining the approval of others, protect yourself and achieve results through control practices.

7. Personal situation and path of personal development

The Leadership Circle Profile ™ - Manager Edition (LCP-ME) will reveal your internal assumptions (beliefs) that direct your behavior in both leadership domains, creative and reactive. It will allow you to see how your internal thought-world translates into productive and unproductive leadership styles. Through the LCP, you will identify the aspects of your conscience that affect your external behavior when leading.

8. Coaching and influencing as a leader

You will learn to display a greater diversity of voices and develop people so that teams can achieve better results in highly complex environments. In addition, the global workforce is looking more creative and demands a higher level of contribution to organizational and team objectives. You will practice different techniques compatible with a coaching and facilitation approach that make this possible.

9. Agile leadership personal development plan

By bringing to light the underlying thought patterns that guide your current behavior as a leader and, at the same time, knowing which competencies will transform you into a more agile leader, you will have access to new choices and the possible actions to develop a plan based on your personal and professional goals.

How do I get certified as Agile Leader?

1. Register now

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2. Participate

Actively participate during the live online course.

3. Get your Certification

Arter yor participation and goal achievement you'll get your Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Essentials for Teams (CAL-ET) certification.

A cutting-edge, actionable leadership model that will take you where you want to go

The environment you must learn to lead in is complex, volatile, and uncertain. Suppose you do show up in this type of environment. In that case, you will make decisions consistent with agile philosophy; you will think systemically, build strong relationships, and develop cross-functional and self-managed teams.

Your ability to accept uncertainty and stand firm while having peace of mind and high creative power during these times depends on your ability to be aware of how your leadership manifests itself and how those around you experience it.

With this agile team leaders workshop, you will develop the conscious practice of leadership to see yourself and know how others see you while always keeping in mind adaptive leadership that is consistent with agility.

To achieve this, I will teach you how to use the Leadership Circle Profile. A personalized, actionable, and measurable leadership model with which you will quickly identify the strategies that resonate with you to grow and keep up with constant emerging changes. By understanding how this model’s key components will reveal your style, you will know how to apply the different leadership approaches in your professional practice with results aligned with the agility spirit.

Leadership Circle Profile

Ours is the only certification that gives you access to the Leadership Circle Profile ™ - Manager Edition (LCP-ME), an internationally recognized 360° assessment so you can understand your current competencies and limitations in the art of leadership.

The Leadership Circle Profile

This evaluation stems from the international model of The Leadership Circle®, the most advanced and comprehensive model in leadership development. The LCP-ME goes to the roots of behavior to gain a greater insight into understanding our responses to external and internal stimuli. Also, unlike most 360° leadership assessments, which take hours to interpret, the LCP-ME integrates all information in a synthetic way that brings out key issues instantly. It will immediately show you what is working, what is not, and why!

For most leaders, this treasure-trove of information remains buried. The LCP-ME makes it easily accessible and gives you a concrete foundation on which you can quickly act on a deeper level and at a sustainable pace for your mind and other.

The Leadership Circle Profile

* The Leadership Circle Profile™ is created and owned by The Leadership Circle®

What do you get when you register for the Agile Leadership Certification?

Leadership Circle Profile™

Access to your own Leadership Circle Profile™ (valued at $500!) Included in the CAL-E/T price will give you greater awareness of your leadership style and its impact on agile teams.

60-page Manual

A 60-page digital interpretation manual on your Leadership Circle Profile™.

Course Recording

Access to the course recording 🎥 after its completion, so you can have it for consultation and reference

✅ Yes, you read that right: we record the course and make it available so you can repeat it as many times as you want!

Welcome Kit + Campus

With videos that you can watch immediately 💻 to get to know the fundamental aspects of Agile without having to wait for the start of the course and material that you can consult without a time limit.

Digital Book 'Scrum and more...'

To use as a reference during the course and after finishing it 📚.

International Recognition

The most recognized Agile Leadership certification in industry companies 🥇.

16 Miles & PDUs

Miles that you can later exchange for discounts in other of our courses and PDUs to accredit in the PMI (Project management Institute) and maintain your certifications.

Certified Agile Leadership Essentials for Team Leaders (CAL-E/T)

Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) certification

Certified Agile Leadership for Team Leads (CAL-T) certification

2.5 live online days with Martin Alaimo

Study material to use during the course

Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) with a $500.- value

60-page LCP Digital Interpretation Manual

Upcoming Dates

🌐 Virtual 🇪🇸 in Spanish
09 + 23 Y 24 DE OCTUBRE
9:00 am Miami

USD 1087.-

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Upon completion of this Agile Leadership dual certification

You will understand why the accelerating pace of change in the business, workforce, and organizational structures demands new forms of leadership.
You will take practical agile leadership approaches with you to expand your ability to act and enrich your professional value.
You will identify the personal mindset change you need to make to bolster your agile leadership style.
You will understand how to regulate your actions and focus them on achieving effective leadership.
You will identify the importance of being fully aware of your actions’ impact on the people around you. This awareness will sharpen your ability as a leader to participate and interact optimally with your teams.
You will recognize the needs and characteristics of high-performance teams.
You will use a dialogue approach to coaching, providing feedback, and confidently resolving conflicts.
You will clearly understand the characteristics and needs of high-performance teams. You will explore how to successfully go through the daily challenges of cultivating a high-performance organizational culture.

4 advantages to taking this course with Martin Alaimo

You'll learn from a renowned author of 5 books on Agility and 100+ Google Scholar citations who has trained over 6,000 professionals since 2012.

Martin Alaimo holds four of the industry's most prestigious certifications: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) since 2012, Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) since 2010, Certified Team Coach (CTC) since 2010, Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CAL Educator) since 2015, and Path to CSP Educator since 2017, which grants you an expert trainer in Agility.

His thinking is situational and pragmatic, based on over 15 years of experience leading organizational evolutions.

His teaching style is immersive, with a fresh content approach that promotes quick learning.

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This course makes you understand what leadership is and what are your agile leadership characteristics. Knowing this contributes to the continuous improvement process both individually and for the teams and organizations, I work with. Thank you very much for sharing all these insights.
Ivanoba Mora Pardo , Cali
It gave me many tools to apply in the transformation process that we are facing in my company.
Christian Fuentes
I take with me practical tools to highlight behaviors within my work team and make improvements. I love the dynamics that Martín uses and also that participants can get to know each other. I highly recommend this course!
Catherine Astudillo , Santiago
I found it to be an excellent course that allowed me to remember and reinforce various concepts. The most interesting thing was learning about the Leadership Circle a truly powerful tool, in which I could see the progress that I have made as a leader and the issues I must continue working on to become the leader I want to be. I highly recommend this course.
Nasly Gonzalez Cerquera
I'm leaving with more tools than I expected, and the best part is that I now have an action plan on how to improve my leadership style. I highly recommend it!
Jimena Rossello , Santiago
It helped me a lot to understand others and myself from a leadership perspective. The Leadership Profile Circle tool is a hit!
Alejandro Boyadjian , Montevideo

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Why take the CAL-E / T Certification program with Martin Alaimo?

You should take this particular dual CAL-E/T certification because it gives you access to the internationally renowned Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) assessment used by most Forbes 500 companies.

Who grants the certification?

The Scrum Alliance awards this certification. Founded in 2001, it is the longest-running, largest, most established, and influential professional organization within the agile international community. Its certifications, including CAL-E / T, are the most recognized by companies in the industry regarding hiring professionals with proven Scrum competencies.
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What value-added does the course provide?

You will be able to transfer what you have learned to the development of agile teams capable of collaborating in contexts of high uncertainty and changing requirements. Learning through a thorough and hands-on program will allow you to understand in detail what agile leadership means.

What am I going to learn?

You will learn about leadership in agile contexts and its fundamental principles from a coach certified by the Scrum Alliance, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and The Leadership Circle.

How can I compare this to the other Scrum Alliance certifications?

At scrumalliance.org, you can access the list of programs offered by the Scrum Alliance and get an overview of the different learning paths provided.

Do I have to take an exam to get certified?

No. The CAL-E / T course includes international accreditation from the Scrum Alliance by attending the course in its entirety.

What certificates are awarded by taking this course?

Once you have completed the course, you will access and download your Certified Agile Leadership Essentials and Certified Agile Leadership for Teams (CAL-E/T) official certificate within the Scrum Alliance platform. If you need any additional documents, contact us at hello@alaimolabs.com

What's next after I become CAL-E/T certified?

To continue your training in agile leadership, you can take the certification course as Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O)

How do I credit my PDUs for participating in the CAL-E/T course?

You must upload them to your Project Manager Institute (PMI) portal. MTN is a third-party provider, so there is no need for any unique code. You can assign the PDUs to the different categories according to your criteria. To learn more about it, click on the following link: Ways to Earn PDUs.

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