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The Hikers Network

The Hikers Network is a space to share industry experiences and consolidate job opportunities in the world of agility and digital innovation. Think of it as a LinkedIn of the niche because you will have a directory to connect with professionals sharing your same interests.

I called it Hikers inspired by the idea of the walking professionals 🚢🏻 that are moving, slowly but surely advancing in their daily growth, either in a formalized way with courses and certifications or informally talking with colleagues, reading a post, or watching a video on YouTube.

It's intended for those who took courses or got certified with me, and it is my contribution to continue delving into the topics beyond the time we have shared during the classes you took.

What professional resources does this network offer me?

You will find periodic webinars and videos 🎬 that bring you authentic experiences from Hikers like you. You will know what is happening in the industry and how agility and innovation are applied in companies. I am sure that in them you will see solutions to common problems.
Job Board
You will find the TRIVAGO of job opportunities πŸ’‘ in the world of agility and digital product development. We curate and align them with each of the specializations you can develop: Agile Product Management, Scrum Mastering + Agile Coaching, and Agile Leadership.
Public Directory
You can add your professional profile to a public directory πŸ’ͺ so that people with similar interests and companies 🏫 with job offers for agile positions (companies reach us every week looking for recommendations) can find you.
Early Access
You will know our schedule πŸ—“οΈ of courses and events in advance, and you will see those dates that are not yet open to the general public so that you don't miss any spot and can plan your attendance.
Beta Testings
You will have priority πŸ₯‡ to participate as a Beta Tester of new programs and certifications at exceptional prices.
Miles & Discounts
For each course you take, you will receive miles that you can later exchange for discounts on other courses and certifications.
Innovate, collaborate and lead pushing the limits Innovate, collaborate and lead pushing the limits

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I finish the courses, is my participation in Hikers optional?
Yes, the mere fact of having been a student does not automatically make you a Hiker; it only gives you the right to access. It is you who decide to come and go whenever you want. πŸ™Œ

Are you sure this is free?
Yes. Do you know why? Because it is funded with proceeds πŸ’° from certifications and designed to be available to people who have entrusted me with something as sensitive as professional development.

Where do I find The Hikers Network?
It is within the campus that you used during the course (s). You can choose to access it right now ckicking this link.

I have a question that is not listed here. What do I do?
Drop us a line at hello@alaimolabs.com and we will help you with all your questions. πŸ˜€